Enhance your leadership skills

Business ManageMent

Online Course

Available On-Demand

Level: Beginner

Approximate Time: 4 hours

Fee: $30.00

Grow your leadership skills with a focus on following key traits.

There is more to leadership than just knowing the technical aspects of how to manage a team. Effective leaders are many things: determined, ethical, innovative, passionate, kind, curious, focused, confident, collaborative, courageous, wise and empowering.

What You Will Learn

  • How to identify and define the competitive advantages of your business
  • How to refine your strategy to maximize your competitive advantage and drive profits
  • How to leverage the four connected strategies to create continuous relationships with customers
  • How to move beyond traditional modes of customer interaction to create a fundamentally new business model
  • How to create a portfolio of connected strategies to respond to different customer segments
  • How to achieve sustainable competitive advantage in today’s business environment
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