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You’re a boss, an entrepreneur, or an executive. You have a boundless source of energy and you push yourself in all pursuits.

pack leader

Pack Leader

You’re driven and reliable. You’ll do whatever it takes to get the job done, and you’re no stranger to pushing through exhaustion. 



You’ve done the groundwork it takes to build successful relationships in business, and in life. You’re ready for your next great achievement.



Your schedule is up in the air, nutrition and fitness have fallen to the wayside, and there is a constant humming of stress in your world. 

HOW it works

Simple Steps to Success

It all starts with a single first step.

“Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.”
—Jack Welch

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Assessment Phase
Our coaches start things off by getting a better understanding of your needs and desired goals. We look at both your physical and mental needs to create a result-oriented assessment.
Decide what works for you
Once we get to know you and your objectives, we will provide the best fit services whether one-on-one, business development and or corporate team coaching. Recommendations of coaching programs in leadership, wellbeing and personal development will be identified.
The big shift happens
We will design a program around your needs and commit together in every step of growth.

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What People Say

Shannon doesn’t only help me with business development, but also to reassess and improve my personal development and well-being, which I believe is really important before being an effective leader. Every session we had, has touched various aspects of my life that gives me more time to reflect with myself and what I have done in life. She is very consistent in motivating me to strive for the best and keep moving forward.
The Coaching Company Client Testimonial
Den Salva
Bliss Lab - Marketing Associate
My 5 year old business was doing well for the 1st 2 years and then for the succeeding years, sales were declining, and overall operations went out of place. James (my business development coach) helped me to identify the gaps that I should work on. He was well-experienced in his field and easy-going to work with. He also helped boost my confidence in my business. Currently, business has improved performance better than it did in year 2.
The Coaching Company Client Testimonial
Alison Lee
FITLAB - Founder / CEO
Joseph helped me concentrate and prioritized on the things that really matter to me and my career. He gave me a detailed strategy on how I could achieve them. Our sessions are very informative and helpful with the goals we established. He made me feel comfortable to express myself regardless how I am having difficulties in opening up certain things with other people. Thanks, Joseph!
The Coaching Company Client Testimonial
Mike Dio
Right Choice Entertainment - CEO

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Our Programs

On top of our regular coaching services we’ve got big plans. Stay tuned. We’re planning on releasing great courses and programs. During the lock down we will not be offering any in-person events but we are working on programming for live and on-demand web accessible content. 

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