Hit reset on your goals.

Oh no! Did you fall off the fitness wagon already? Ditch the new business idea so soon? Forget to meditate? Not to worry; all is not lost! Here’s how to reset the button on the goals you’ve set for yourself this year. 

Consider this...

If you dropped your smartphone on the floor, would you say, “ugh, too late!” and smash it with your foot? No, of course not. So why do we do this with resolutions? Why do we abandon them completely when we miss just one day? 

This seems to be especially true when it comes to making commitments about our nutrition practices. Having extra dessert doesn’t mean you have ‘ruined’ your new diet (and let’s ditch the word ‘diet’ in 2022, while we are at it!) it just means you had extra dessert. That’s it. That’s all.  So enjoy it, and tomorrow, get back at it. 

Likewise with fitness goals. Don’t give up completely because you skipped leg day. Can you imagine if a baby who was learning to walk fell over and decided, “meh, this isn’t for me”? That would be ridiculous. So why do you give up so easily? Give yourself some grace, cut yourself some slack, and try again tomorrow. 

What if it's more complicated?

But what if your goals aren’t fitness or nutrition related? Perhaps you’ve been hoping for career or educational advancement for awhile now but, well, life happens. It gets busy. Pandemics get in the way. We understand. You probably find yourself thinking, I wish I had more time! But the truth is, we aren’t given time, we make time. And carving out personal development time happens when habits change. If sticking to habits is new for you, try a habit-mapping session with The Coaching Company. The call is free and you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to ditch old habits – once you realize which ones are slowing you down! 

Ready to get rolling?

Lastly, if your ambitions are more centered on your inner world: more peace, more calm, and more compassion, we hear you! After the last two years, we all know we need to slow down and refocus on what matters: our health, both inside and out. 

If this resonates with you, fantastic! Inner peace is closer than you think. But again it comes down to being realistic about your goals, where you’ve been… and where you want to go. 

Remember to reward yourself along the way, too, and recognize how far you’ve come. If you need a little help getting started, we are here for you. Book a habit-mapping session today at The Coaching Company or a personal training session with us at The Motion Room.  

If you’re new to all this, we can help. Get in touch today for a free habit mapping session. It’s going to be a great year!

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