How to start a business in a pandemic

I launched a coaching business during the pandemic (and here’s what I learned)

I’ve been a business and wellness coach for over a decade and a half and over the pandemic, I decided to formalize myself and my team’s expertise and bring it all to life as The Coaching Company

The business is based on a simple and straightforward idea that coaching should be accessible to all; that’s why I decided to use a membership-based business model. So far, it’s been working out really well. 

But that’s not to say there aren’t challenges with launching a business during a pandemic. Here are a couple things to consider if you are thinking about launching a business during this time. 


Most businesses are born out of a mix of necessity and opportunity.

This is especially true during uncertain times. It’s so important to understand your ‘why’ and be deeply connected to it. It’s not just about branding, messaging, or marketing (although those are important, too). 

Being an entrepreneur has so many ups and downs; so knowing your ‘why’ and staying focused on it (remembering why you started) will carry you through. 

There’s another reason, too. Knowing your ‘why’ helps you identify your customers’ pain points. Regardless of if you have a product or service, you should be coming from a place of service. Being able to clearly articulate how you can solve their problem will put you at a tremendous advantage. 



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Lastly, it’s important to acknowledge that things have changed.

The pandemic has altered us permanently and that reality is reflected in spending habits, lifestyle, and importantly: priorities. 

So do your research on what’s currently out there in terms of comparable products and services. Having a deep understanding of your niche will help you stick to your why, serve your clients, and ultimately feel a sense of success from the get-go.

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James Cappellano

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