How To Start Journaling in 2022 – Three Simple Steps

The 3 Steps To Start Journaling In 2022

Journaling is one of those tools that can truly help you live a more mindful, present and intentional life. And today we’ll share our top tips to start journaling in 2022.

Keeping a journal can look very different for everyone. And the best part is, there really is no right or wrong way to do it!

Whether you prefer keeping a physical journal or a digital one. The objective is to build the habit of writing down your thoughts and feelings every day.

Maybe one day you choose to free write your feelings like a diary entry. Or maybe you use a prompt journal with questions and affirmations. Or maybe one day you write out a list of things you are grateful for.

But where to start? How do you actually start journaling?

Figure Out How You Like To Journal

The first thing is figuring out HOW you like to journal. These are a few great methods to get you started:

  • Free writing on a blank notebook (or digital document)

Free writing is a great way to dump your feelings, expectations and even to-do lists on paper. This will help you gain clarity and feel less overwhelmed!

A blank notebook is the perfect opportunity to simply write whatever comes to mind when it comes to your feelings, expectations, goals, and so much more.  

  • Get a prompts journal

Journals with daily prompts and questions can help you get started if free writing feels a little bit daunting. The Five Minute Journal is an amazing journal to help you build some gratitude and mindfulness with simple prompts!

  • Write down lists

Writing lists is also a great way to start if you find free writing too daunting. They are quicker to write and can help you organize your thoughts.

You can write lists about:

  • The things you are grateful for
  • The things that make you happy
  • People you love
  • Goals and plans you have

The opportunities are endless, but you can find some great list inspiration here!

And remember, journaling doesn’t have to look the same every day!

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Decide What To Journal About

The second step is knowing what to write about, and it’s simpler than you might think, here are a few ideas:

  • How are you feeling?
  • Why do you feel that way?
  • How do you want to feel at the end of the day?
  • What are you grateful for today?
  • What would make today a great day?

You can also find some great journal prompts for different objectives here! 

Start Journaling 2

Schedule Your Journaling

Once you have some ideas on what to write and how to do it, choose a time of day to journal and stick to it every day.

Taking some time to journal first thing in the morning is a great way to start your day with intention. You can block 10 minutes of your morning to sit down and write. Journal about your feelings, your goals for the day, things you are grateful for and so much more.

You can also journal in the evening or right before going to bed to reflect on your day. Maybe also writing down your feelings and your goals for tomorrow.

Again, there’s no right or wrong way to do it. So choose the time of day that works best for you! It will make it a lot easier for you to stick to it!

Start Journaling 3

Keeping a journal is a great habit and it doesn’t have to be overwhelming or complicated.

  • If you don’t like free writing or keeping a daily diary, then don’t do it, maybe get a prompts journal.
  • If you don’t like having a physical diary, then don’t do it, grab your laptop, phone or tablet and you’re good to go.

It is a personal journey and a tool designed to help YOU!

So if you want to start journaling, figure out what method works best for you, decide what you want to write about or what prompts/questions to answer, and make sure to schedule your journaling habit into your daily routine!

It’s simpler than you think, so don’t overthink it and go grab that pen!

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