3 Science-Backed Benefits Of Meditation

Meditation is a mindfulness practice that’s been around for thousands of years. However, it has been gaining some well-deserved popularity recently… And for all the good reasons: From a healthier brain to better sleep, hundreds of studies have now proven the benefits of meditation.

Now, there are different ways to meditate out there. (You can find a great list here!)

So even if you have tried it before and maybe didn’t love it, we encourage you to try a different way to do it. You can try walking meditation, or yoga meditation. You don’t have to sit on the floor to have a great mindful practice.

And the best part is, you don’t have to be an expert to reap the benefits. Even just a few minutes every day can do wonders for you!

Here are just a few of the great benefits of meditation that you will experience if you just give it a try and stick to it!

Reduced Stress Levels

Stress management is one of the most popular reasons why people choose to start meditating.

Whether you choose to follow a guided meditation or go for an unplugged walk, meditation will produce a deeper state of relaxation in your mind. It will help you focus you attention on the present moment instead of the stressful thoughts crowding your mind.

Let’s face it, we are continuously bombarded with information, responsibilities, and distractions. Everything adds up. And it can feel overwhelming. But that’s exactly where meditation comes in!

Just taking 5 minutes to stop whatever you are doing… closing your eyes, and focusing on your breath can help you slow down and clear your mind.

Now, we get it. Sitting down and doing nothing while you’re facing a stressful day, sounds counterproductive.

But taking a few minutes to pause when you feel pressured or when you can’t think straight can actually help you gain a clearer perspective on the situation. Allowing you to face your day and your struggles more objectively and oftentimes, more efficiently.

Benefits of Meditation 1

Enhanced Emotional Health

One of our favorite benefits of meditation… The enhanced emotional health and happiness that comes with it.

Think about it. If you never take a step back to slow down and appreciate life, the small daily details that bring you joy might go unnoticed.

If you’re rushing through your days. Jumping from task to task. And just waiting for the weekend, you are not taking the time to truly enjoy that warm cup of coffee in the mornings, or the sun peeking through your window, or dinner with your loved ones.

Meditation helps you slow down. It helps you be more aware of your daily activities and the beautiful details we usually overlook because we are simply too busy.

And we get it. You need to work. Life gets busy. And that’s okay, but we all have 5 minutes in the morning or right before going to bed, to just sit down, unwind and be present.

Benefits of Meditation 2

Sharpened Concentration

Slowing down and calming your mind is not always an easy task. Most of the times you might actually find that your mind is full of thoughts, worries and ideas. (Which is great! Meditation is not about silencing your mind, it is about letting your thoughts flow and not judging yourself for them.)

But sitting still with your thoughts takes a deeper level of concentration. It is so easy to simply get distracted. To let our mind wander. To think about what we’ll have for dinner…

Our minds go through thousands of thoughts every single day. So pausing and trying to be present instead of getting distracted by our thoughts requires to bring our focus back to our present multiple times over.

And over time, what you are doing is training your attention, awareness and memory. Not to mention that meditation has also been shown to increase blood flow to your brain. Which can also boost your overall performance.

Benefits of Meditation 3

The Bottom Line: Meditation is a daily practice that when done for even just a few minutes every day, can truly elevate our wellbeing.

Promoting both your mental and physical health, there really is no reason not to meditate!

Now, if you are feeling lost and looking for some guidance, we recommend starting out following guided meditations. They are usually easy to follow and can be as short as 3-5 minutes! You can find some great free apps to get you started here!

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