Top Tips To Make Habits Stick

Starting a new habit is easy, sticking to it though, is an entirely different story…

Which is why we put together this short list of our top tips and tricks to help you develop and more importantly, stick to those habits!

We’ve all been there, trying to wake up at 5:00am, swearing we would exercise for 2 hours a day and saying we would stop eating chocolate for good… We probably stuck to it for a couple of days but went back to our old ways in no time.

This is incredibly common, but if you follow the next 4 tips, sticking to habits is going to be almost automatic for you!

Focus On One Habit At A Time

Developing a new habit requires of focus and consistency!

Don’t overwhelm yourself trying to incorporate too many things at once, take it slow and once you’ve mastered one you’ll feel even more motivated to tackle the next!

If your goal is to wake up earlier, don’t try to wake up at 5:00 starting tomorrow. Instead, try waking up 10 minutes earlier every single day. This will feel easier and will help you stick to it!

Healthy Habit

Start Small

Don’t try to completely change your life overnight, that’s simply not sustainable and might lead to feeling discouraged and stressed!

Make sure the habit you’re developing is achievable and that it fits your lifestyle.

If you have a big, challenging goal, break it down into actionable, achievable steps, this will help you stick to it and feel motivated to improve as you go!

Don’t try to run 10km every single day all of a sudden! Take it slow and increase your speed and distance over time. This is going to be more enjoyable and sustainable! 


Create A Trigger

Having a ritual that happens right before your habit will make it easier for you to remember. It will also help you automatically add the new habit to your routine!

Let’s say you’re trying to build a habit of drinking more water.

A trigger could be waking up in the morning and drinking a full glass straight after that. Another trigger might just be getting home after work and drinking another glass as soon as you get home.

Having a set time and structure to your habits will ensure you don’t forget about them!

Water Habit

Don't Miss Two Days Straight

We are not perfect, so if you miss one day don’t be too hard on yourself and don’t try to overcompensate for it.

But be sure to get back into it the next day, this will help you build consistency and discipline! Remember, every day is a fresh start and an opportunity to try again, there’s no reason to give up after a missed day!

Doing something repeatedly over time will ensure your habit gets ingrained. So be as consistent as possible. You can even get an accountability partner to help you stay on track and motivated!

stick to habit

Building habits and sticking to them is a personal journey that takes time and patience. But if you’re ready to start working on your own daily routine, keep an eye out for our next blog posts for some more insights and useful resources to make sure those habits stick!

You can always click the button below to get a free consultation with one of our accountability coaches. Trust us, the extra boost of accountability will help you stay on track and make those habits stick for good!

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