3 Books For Entrepreneurs – Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read

Find The Top 3 Books For Entrepreneurs Below!

Being an entrepreneur is no easy task. Building a business takes time. Finding the right people requires patience. And figuring out the best ways to do it can feel overwhelming. Which is exactly why we put together our top 3 books for entrepreneurs on this blog!

Here’s the beauty of books… They give you the unparalleled opportunity to learn from top-class executives, entrepreneurs, and leaders in no time. And these are 3 books every entrepreneur should read!

According to pioneering psychologist, Angela Duckworth, the secret to success is not talent. It is a unique combination between passion and perseverance: Grit.

Sharing her insights and findings from multiple studies, this book will help you uncover the power of grit to help you push through when things get hard.

Why this is a great book for entrepreneurs:

Building a successful business requires you to have a growth mindset, passion, and perseverance. This book will teach you all that and more!


Starting a business without a purpose (a “why”) is ultimately going to lead to failure.

In this book, Simon Sinek walks you through his Golden Circle theory on how to build and grow a successful business from the inside out.

It’s not about “what” you are selling or “how” it works… It’s about WHY you’re doing it and WHY people should buy it.

Why this is a great book for entrepreneurs:

People don’t buy into a product, service or movement until they understand and feel inspired by the WHY behind it. This book will help you uncover your very own why, your mission and your purpose.

Being an entrepreneur you will have to deal with people day in and day out. Making meaningful and valuable connections. You will need to have top-class communication skills to sell your pitch, win people over and build relationships.

Effectively dealing with people is a skill that is often overlooked, but it is actually crucial to make sure you are surrounding yourself and your business with the right people.

Why this is a great book for entrepreneurs:

Communicating, selling and influencing people are all crucial skills to help you build and grow a successful business. This book will teach you the art of good conversation and help you build valuable relationships.

Books are an amazing tool to soak in all the knowledge and wisdom from already successful people. And these three in particular will help you build a strong business foundation, develop soft and hard skills, and cultivate your passion!

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