3 Key Differences Between A Boss And A Leader

Are you a Boss or a Leader?

Keep reading to find the 3 key differences between them and help you decide!

The terms “boss” and “leader” are often used interchangeably. But being a leader is more than just a title or position.

A boss takes control, assigns tasks and manages the team… while a leader motivates and inspires, leading by example and being part of the team itself.

And there are 3 key differences between them:

Bosses vs. Leaders:

1. A Boss Talks, A Leader Listens

A boss will usually tell their team what to do, how to do it and when to do it. This can definitely generate results! However, the team might get burnt out more easily when following orders and having no say on how, why, and when to do certain tasks.

Leaders, on the other hand, will take the time to discuss and get feedback from his/her team. Understanding the team’s concerns and recommendations to drive sustainable growth.

To be a successful leader, be sure to listen more and talk less!

Leader vs Boss

2. A Boss Pushes, A Leader Guides

Being a boss is hard, there are deadlines to meet and standards to raise. This pressure, however, can lead bosses to push their team too hard, setting unrealistic expectations and end up demotivating the team.

Empathy and willingness to do things differently are two crucial skills leaders need, to make sure they are guiding their team as efficiently as possible without burning them out.

Be patient and guide your team with empathy!

Leader vs Boss 2

3. A Boss Expects Greatness, A Leader Teaches It

Expecting results is great but expecting your team to get there with no guidance is naïve.

Good leaders are also good teachers. While bosses tend to dictate and set goals for the team, a leader will teach as needed to make sure the goals are met as efficiently as possible.

Take the time to educate your team and grow with them.

Leader vs Boss 3

So… are you more of a boss or a leader?

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