3 reasons for coaches

People might seek out a coach to heal, train, perform, excel, or simply maintain some type of physical, emotional, or mental state.

But if you’ve never hired one before, it can be a little overwhelming to get started — especially if you’re suffering from burnout. Here are three ways a coach can help with that:

1. Overcoming Doubt

  1. Ahhhh. Doubt. It comes in many forms: anxiety, imposter syndrome, and even anger. That inner voice that we barely hear in fact talks all day and shapes the way we experience our lives, our jobs, our relationships, our families, and our sense of self. A coach can help re-tune that inner voice so that he or she becomes your friend again. 

2. Removes the burden of DIY

Don’t do it alone. Especially as we re-enter the world again — slowly — it’s crucially important to go slow and partner up. Whether you are looking for help with your nutrition plan, your career plan, or your life plan, a coach can help. 

3. Recovering from burnout

If you have noticed exhaustion accompanied with inability to fall or stay asleep, or changes in mood, energy and appetite, it’s time for an objective perspective. A coach will co-create achievable goals with you and support your path from healing to thriving and even excelling again. 

Think of a coach as part of the team of people that keep you up and running. You have a dentist, a doctor, perhaps a physiotherapist, maybe a mentor for your career; a coach is there to help you in any area that needs support and guidance. 

Always Remember: A great coach is driven by your success. They align their purpose with your wins. Look for someone who gets you excited about your future, who understands your needs, and who is passionate about helping you get there. There is a perfect fit for everyone and finding the right coach for you is an exciting journey on its own.

You’re not a one-stop shop, and neither are we

At The Coaching Company, it’s simple: you tell us where you want to go, and we help you get there.

The past year has taught us what truly matters. It’s the people that make the place and we are here to support you every step of the way. Stay tuned, and stay safe.

coach James Cappellano

James Cappellano

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